Do you use explosives in your work?

No, all of our demolition is done with equipment and/or labor.


What is the most difficult part of demolition work?

The most difficult area of demolition is primarily the government regulations and laws concerning asbestos handling. The other area that is difficult concerns certain selective demolition jobs where we are asked to do very precise concrete cutting or removal. Often times this requires us to have a clear understanding of the as-built drawings, or if none are available, we must physically view the entire area, study the work to be done and create a concise plan of action to accomplish that work. Often times, this may include climbing through attics, roof truss, substructures, etc. so that we have a good understanding of how the building was constructed prior to demolition.


What is the biggest job Forristall has done?

That could be defined in a number of ways, we have done a number of significant projects both in size, level of difficulty and dollar value.   A few that come to mind are the Clearwater Center, Sarasota High School, MTI and the Van Wezel renovation.


How do you estimate the costs for these projects?

Our estimates are based on weights. We figure the construction type and weights on the square footage.


What is the average square foot cost for demolition?

It is impossible to provide a blanket square foot average for demolition because every job is different and unique. Every project must be looked at, studied and estimated based on the specific conditions and challenges of that project. It does keep things interesting!