We are a full service demolition company, three sub-categories.

Commercial Complete Demolition

Janie’s Garden Apartments

We provided complete demolition for both Phase I and Phase II of the Janie’s Garden Apartment Complex. The first phase was done with Clark Construction and the second phase was done with Tandem Construction. We provided complete demolition to 3 square blocks of subsidized housing for the City of Sarasota and the Sarasota Housing Authority.
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Booker High School

Forristall Enterprises is currently providing the complete demolition to the old structures at the Booker High School. The Construction Managers on this project are Willis A. Smith Construction and Jon Swift Construction as CM to the Sarasota School Board.
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Sarasota Police Station

Forristall Enterprises just completed this demolition in May of 2012 for the City of Sarasota, on time, and on budget.
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Commercial Selective Demolition

Sarasota Opera House

Originally built in 1926 the Opera House underwent a major renovation that was completed in 2008. The Construction Manager on the project was Willis A. Smith Construction. This was an extremely difficult selective demolition and concrete cutting job that required highly technically trained demolition experts and equipment. We were able to complete the project on time due to the fine scheduling coordination of the staff at Willis A. Smith Construction.
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Manatee County Historical Courthouse

This project was completed in 2011 for Zirkelbach Construction. As you can see from the photos this project required pain-staking hand removal of the brick parapet wall around the roof so that the new construction could tie into the old building with seamless design. We were also asked to salvage much of the original brick to assist in making the tie back appear as though it was all original.
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Concrete Cutting

Meridian Distribution Center

Formerly the Winn Dixie warehouse, we provided the concrete cutting for new installations. As you can see from the photos, the slabs on this project were massive.
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Clearwater Towers

Originally designed to house X-Ray and other heavy medical equipment, this structure was built to withstand winds in excess of 150 MPH and possible radiation leaks. The Sheer Walls on the sides of this structure were 15” thick concrete and rebar tilt up panels. We were hired to cut and remove these panels on all 4 sides to provide large openings for glass sliding door installation. The new owners intended to convert this building to residential condominiums. We also had to provide slab openings on both ends of the building, on all 15 floors for new stair installation and elevator installation.
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Residential Demolition

We provide most of the residential demolition in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. As a service to our owners, we are happy to provide a package price to include all permitting, notifications, utility disconnections, silt fencing, inspections and rough grading to site in preparation for new construction. This is only possible because we are State Licensed and Insured. While there are other demolition companies that demolish houses it is no longer legal for anyone to provide demolition that is not a State Licensed Contractor.